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A guide to choosing wedding lanterns

Wedding lanterns are wedding accessories that are becoming increasingly popular as a safe and less expensive alternative to fireworks. Similar to a mini hot air balloon, the lanterns are lit and float up in the sky, emanating a bright glow as they hover from sight. Hence, this creates an amazing visual effect.

Chinese traditions

During the Yuan Dynasty which began in the 13th century, Chinese lanterns became a symbol of good wishes, and are now traditionally released with a wish to bring good luck and prosperity. In Asia, wedding wish lanterns are traditionally released at the wedding reception. This symbolises hopes and wishes of good luck for the future of the married couple, and the floating away of worries and problems. Once the fuel cell that is attached to the lantern is lit, it will fill with hot air which will propel it for up to 12 miles of flight. These paper lanterns are also often used to mark other celebrations such as birthdays, anniversaries, Bonfire Night as well as to mark the New Year, emulating the customary use of them during Chinese New Year when millions are launched over a two-week period. Wish lanterns are available in an abundance of colours, and can easily be made in order to complement any wedding theme. There are a variety of online stores including and that offer wedding packs starting from as little as £12.49 (as of 01.08.11) for five lanterns up to packs of one hundred lanterns to suit all budgets. There are also printed lanterns to be purchased and an assortment of sizes are available. Not only are they a cheap and peaceful alternative to wedding reception conventions such as firework displays, but many are also available in an environmentally-friendly range. In most cases, as with both the noted websites, the wish lanterns are delivered fully assembled. So, all you need to do is to light the cardboard fuel cell attached, and let the lantern fill up with hot air.

Creating a lasting memory

For creating a wedding reception that your guests will never forget and to produce a truly memorable moment, wedding lanterns are the perfect choice. The stunning effect that they create in the night sky and the hope that they represent, symbolise an ideal beginning to a long and prosperous marriage.

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