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A guide to essential new baby clothes

Are you expecting your first baby, but unsure on what you really need? It can be confusing for a new mother to know what she does and doesn't need. This guide provides you with the essential clothes and accessories for a new baby.

Where to get new baby clothes

Many expectant mothers already have hand-me-downs from friends and family to start with. But nothing really beats new clothes and baby shopping. Luckily, baby showers provide many new baby clothes along with baby care products. When shopping on your own, select a kid's store with newborn clothing. Places like The Baby Shop and Next Clothes Shop will have everything you need to prepare for your baby.

First wardrobe

Remember, babies grow fast, so the first wardrobe should have clothing in size: ·3-month If you feel that you need smaller clothing, only buy one or two pieces of each category, because in most cases the baby will only wear it once or twice before it is too small. · 4 to 6 onesies Onesies are one-piece T-shirts that fit over the diaper and snap under the crotch. They come in short and long sleeve and can be plain or printed. Some parents use them as undergarments and regular shirts. · 3 to 4 baby gowns These long gowns close at the bottom with drawstrings or elastic. They ensure that the baby is always covered and some have mittens at the end of the sleeves that can be folded over to prevent the baby from scratching him or herself. · 6 to 8 sleepers or sleep INS Sleepers are perfect pyjamas that keep the baby covered from neck to toes. They either have button or zip up the side, back or front and this makes it easy when changing the baby. Sleep INS is the daytime version of sleepers, coming in cute daytime designs. · 4 to 5 pairs of booties or sock If you use sleepers, socks are not really necessary. Nevertheless, having a few pairs on hand is always handy. · 2 to 3 hats and sweaters Newborns like warmth, and a warm cotton hat and sweater make them feel cosy and safe, especially in the first few weeks.

Other essentials

Clothes are not the only thing that you’ll need to stock up on. Nappies You will need to choose between cloth and disposable. When choosing between the two, keep in mind that you’ll be changing between 2000 and 5000 nappies the first year. Receiving blankets
These are perfect for swaddling the baby to help them feel secure and warm.
Baby bibs Baby bibs are essential all through infanthood to keep the baby’s neck and chest dry from regurgitated milk, spit-ups and dribble.

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