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A guide to five great abs workouts

Ab training is a great exercise, be it to lose your stomach fat or to just work on abdominal fitness. Every workout can benefit from incorporating an ab exercise. Ab exercises will only aid fat loss when used with a cardio workout. This article will look at the five top abdominal workouts and how to perform them correctly.

Bicycle exercise

One of the most popular gym workouts is the bicycle. It is the best move for targeting the rectus abdominis and the obliques commonly known as the six pack and waist. - Lie on a mat face up, and place both hands behind the head. - Bring the knees towards the chest, and lift the shoulder blades off the mat without stretching or pulling on the neck. - Rotate the top half of the body to the left, bringing the right elbow over towards the left knee and simultaneously straightening the other leg. - Switch sides, bringing the left elbow toward the right knee. - Continue alternating this in a pedalling motion for between 1-3 sets of 10-15 reps.

Vertical leg crunch

The vertical leg crunch again works the same muscle groups as the bicycle. Due to the fact that the legs are straight up, it forces the abs to do all the work adding intensity to the exercise. - Lie on the floor and extend the legs straight up with the knees crossed. - Hands can be placed behind the head, but again avoid pulling the neck. - Contract the abs to lift the shoulders off the floor as though trying to reach the feet with the chest. - Keep the legs in a fixed position as the torso is lowered. - Repeat for 1-3 sets of 10-15 reps.


Plank is a way to build endurance in both the abs and back as well as the stabiliser muscles. This move is great for building core strength. - Lie face down resting on the forearms, palms flat on the floor. - Raise up onto the toes, and rest on the elbows. - Keep the back flat and a straight line from head to heels. - Prevent the rear end from sticking up in the air or sagging in the middle. Hold for 30 seconds or more.

Alternating Superman exercise

For core strength
- Lie face down on a mat with your arms stretched above your head. - Raise your right arm and left leg about 5-6 inches off the ground. - Hold for three seconds and relax. - Repeat with the opposite arm and leg. V sit - Start in a seated position. Lift the legs up to 45 degree angles. - Reach forward towards the shins with the arms. - Hold the "V" position for several seconds. - Slowly return to starting position. - Before reaching the floor, stop and hold.

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