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A guide to free ringback tones

A ringback tone is an indication that the person you are calling is currently busy. There are a few different options available to people when selecting the ringback tone. Read this article which will look at a few of them.


Ringbacks are becoming more popular as smart phones get more advanced. People want to have the best tracks for every part of their service.Ringbacks can be purchased from a number of services, both online and through the phones themselves. These services are customisable so that they can be personalised to each person’s choices. Ringbacks are also available on home telephone services, but there are charges that usually apply to this. Some mobile carriers will also charge for the ringback service even if the tone used was downloaded for free. This is something that needs to be taken into consideration when you decide to set the service up.


People can choose to download a free ringback tone from a number of sources. They can be found by searching online. A simple Google search will bring up a lot of different sites that you can work from. The other option is to use a track that you own as the tone. Many of the latest phones will allow for MP3 files to be played on your phone, these files can then be used in different functions within the mobile phone, such as an alarm or a ring back service. Plus, it is better for someone calling you to hear a
well-known track than a random midi or MP3 track.


Before you set up and activate a ringback service, you should check with your carrier to check the prices of the ringback service. Some services will charge per call rather than a monthly fee for using the ringback option, but check before the service is activated. Should they then want to cancel the service, it would usually just be a case of calling the provider and asking them to stop it. Once the service is activated, the user can relax knowing that if they miss a call, then the person calling them will be aware of this fact and will hence call them back later.

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