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A guide to free webcam chat rooms

Online chat rooms are designed as a place for people to meet and chat without actually having to meet them each other. Chat rooms can be a great place to meet people, especially for those who may find social environments difficult. However, chat rooms can also be dangerous places and it is important to remember a view guidelines when using these chat rooms.

Basic safety

Personal information One of the first rules of using free chat rooms, or any kind of chat room for that matter, is that you should never give out personal information to anyone, no matter who they say they are.Such personal information includes telephone numbers and addresses.
Nickname It is even a good idea not to even use your real name. Instead, you should use a nickname or an online name. It is important to remember that other people online may not be who they say they are, even if you are being sincere.
Meeting the person It is also strongly advised that you do not meet anyone you meet online in person for the very same reasons. People who are not who they say they are, could be dangerous and the chances are that they would be lying because they don't actually want you to know who they are.

Safety features

Parents For parents who are looking at chat rooms for their children to log on to, it is advisable that you look out for safety features when choosing sites. A chat room that offers the option to block private messages is a good idea to stop anyone sending messages to your child that they don't want others to see.
Offensive language Many chat rooms also offer the facility to block offensive language from being posted and this is a good feature which you should look out for. Most chat rooms are moderated for its users safety.

Just Chat

Just Chat is a free online chat website focused on the adult community. The site provides all of the safety features that we have detailed above and is a great website for meeting people.
The online pen pal service The online pen pal service allows you to personally meet people online and view each other's profiles without having to actually meet up. This is a much safer way of interacting with people.

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