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A guide to gerontological nursing

Gerontology nursing is one of the popular branches of medical treatment worldwide due to its effectiveness. This article is a complete guide to the learning of geriatric nursing, its importance, and the scope that it provides.

What it is

Gerontology is the study of old age, the process of aging and health issues. Gerontological nursing is a specialised way in which to treat elderly people with health problems. Old age people are generally complex and less strong mentally. They need good personal attention in their medication process to help them to recover fast. The specialised nurses address the physical, emotional, social, cultural and family concerns of the old age people, promoting their overall health and life expectancy effectively.

The treatment process

Gerontology nursing comprises of effective guidelines for geriatric care. They help in making the combination of geriatric nursing and medications effective for the individual to help him/her recover soon. The process of gerontology nursing generally involves analysing old age people with regard to their biomedical, functional, psychological and social issues. There are after-planning and effective health care treatment. This field of nursing covers a wide range of health care at home and/or hospital according to the needs of the patient. The geriatric nurses not only take physical care of the old patients with medications and dressings but also interact with them in their daily activities, making them emotionally strong. They also teach them healthy lifestyles with good care and concern.

Why is it effective and popular

Geriatric care is proved to be very effective. Elder people are often prone to health issues and cannot recover soon. They need someone to be with them all the time to give them love and support and to manage their treatment effectively. Geriatric nursing provides good evaluation, scheduled monitoring, hands-on-care and peace of mind. Gerontology nursing is a boon for those who cannot afford time for their old age parents, but who want to give them the best care possible.

Career scope

Gerontological nurses have wide career options, to work as health administrators, nursing supervisors, and of course as hands-on nurses who interact with the elderly patients directly. Geriatric nursing expertise is always in demand in various medical care institutions like hospitals, primary and public health care institutions, home care and as well as in teaching fields. How to become one Those who are interested in geriatric nursing attend nursing schools to qualify as nurses and follow specialised courses in gerontology. You can find lot of related information in online journal of gerontology. is a good journal of gerontological nursing. Many nursing associations offer additional gerontology certifications and qualifications for nurses to improve their standards.
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