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A guide to getting a job in dairy farming

Getting a job in dairy farming involves acquiring the right range of skills that you will need in the job. This can be done by attending certain college courses, and getting work experience. There are also several sources of job adverts, such as newspapers and websites that will attract the potential dairy worker. This article therefore provides a guide to getting a job in dairy farming.


Skill analysis Working with dairy cows is a skilful task for which training is needed. To do a farming job, you will need to know how to handle cattle, and work the dairy machinery. A knowledge of cattle diseases and problems is very useful, along with a grasp of cattle hygiene requirements. However, dairy farming is a competitive business. So, having knowledge of business management techniques and marketing is very valuable, especially for anyone who seeks advancement to managerial levels. Knowing how to add value to milk by making milk-based products, such as cheese, is very useful. Qualifications A good education is important for impressing potential employers. Having a degree in agriculture is useful, but the higher national diploma and certificate in agriculture are very valuable . These qualifications often provide hands-on experience working with animals, which is an important part of farming. There are more specific qualifications, such as the relatively new national certificate in dairy herd management, offered by Harper Adams College in Shropshire. Doing more than one of these certificates is useful, but you would also benefit from acquiring work experience on a dairy farm. Even a certificate in business or in cheese-making would add to your agricultural qualifications. The more qualifications you have, the better your chances.


Jobs on dairy farms, or in dairies might be advertised in certain papers. The Farmers Guardian is an important one which is a good source of farm news or job adverts. Type in farming online, and you will find a site that advertises many services for farms, including some farm jobs. If you went to agricultural college, you could find some jobs via adverts in the college or through contacts. Type dairy farm jobs into your browser, and you will come up with some useful adverts in the UK and abroad.There are some jobs in New Zealand. Trovit jobs is a good site that offers dairy vacancies sometimes, and which will send you job alerts. has some dairy vacancies sometimes. Type to see what is available on this site that offers some dairy jobs. Local job centres may sometimes offer jobs.

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