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A guide to getting an Australian working visa

With the sublime weather, beautiful beaches and great outdoors lifestyle on offer, it is easy to see why Australia is attractive to many people. There has been a massive boom in the number of people packing up and heading down under to start anew. While the change in lifestyle may seem a daunting task to face, the process of getting an Australian working holiday visa is quite simple.

Finding a visa company

There is a bit more to obtaining a working holiday visa (WHV) for Australia than simply filling out an immigration form on arrival at the airport. Whereas most visitors to foreign countries will be issued with a holiday visa for a few months at most, an Australian working holiday visa enables someone to live and work in Australia for one year. To get the process started, those looking to get a visa will have to apply through an official visa company or government organisation. There is an abundance of these companies offering visa packages online. Talking to friends who have got a WHV or reading reviews to find a reputable company is always a good idea in order to get a good deal.


The application process is quite straight-forward and simply requires the applicant to complete an application form detailing their personal details including contact information and passport details. A member of the visa company will then contact the applicant by telephone and gather all the necessary information before submitting the application. Some companies offer package deals that include them setting up an Australian bank account and mobile number for you as well. This will, of course, cost a little more than the standard visa.

Essential information

Although this can vary from one company to another, the standard waiting time for an application for an Australian working holiday visa to be approved is less than one week. For the application process to run smoothly, it is essential to have an up-to-date passport, which will not expire during the proposed time spent in Australia. As there will be criminal checks done on the applicant, any previous criminal convictions may stand against the person and could indeed result in the application for a visa being refused.

Second Australian working holiday visa

Many people decide to extend their stay in Australia once their first working holiday visa has come to an end. However, that option is not available to everyone. In order to be eligible to apply for another working holiday visa, potential applicants must have completed three months specified work during their first year. Seasonal work such as farm labour, fruit picking or construction is available across the country and widely available to backpackers and those people on a working holiday visa.

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