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A guide to hair thickening for men

Male pattern baldness is an inevitable truth for some men. There are a number of ways in which thinning hair can be restored. Most of these methods will be temporary. Aggressive hair fallout will require a more comprehensive approach like surgery or hair replacement programmes.

Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners

Replace your current stock of shampoos and conditioners with ones that do not use sulfates. Sulfates are surfactants that create suds, lending for its cleansing power. Most sulfates, however, are too harsh on the hair, lending for thin hair strands. Purchase a thickening shampoo and conditioner that are formulated without sulfates.

Scalp massages

Massaging the scalp improves the circulation on the scalp, fortifying the follicles with oxygenated blood. Massage brushes that you use in the shower allows you to massage the shampoo into your hair, while simultaneously massaging the scalp. Alternatively, you can massage your scalp before you get into your shower by using your fingertips alone.

Biotin supplements

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that is known to improve the growth rate of hair and nails. They are readily available in most drug stores, but you may be able to find different brands online as well. Biotin should be taken in the morning, with your breakfast. If you do not feel comfortable purchasing biotin capsules, then you can increase the consumption of foods that are rich with the vitamin. Oats, soybeans, and fish are all viable options.

Overall balanced diet

An imbalanced diet will show in the hair. The hair will become thin and brittle. Hair is made up of keratin and proteins. So, increasing your protein consumption can help to increase the vitality in the hair. No matter how hard you are trying to fix the problem from the outside, you will have to take a more comprehensive approach by making sure that you are taking care your body's needs as well. Do not skip meals. A deprived body will not be able to foster proper hair growth.


Exercise normally to help to improve hair growth. Exercising helps to reduce cortisone and helps to increase serotonin. Cortisone is a hormone that is normally released when you are stressed out. The hormone has been known to diminish the performance of hair follicles, which results in thin hair strands. Exercise has been known to help to alleviate stress and subsequently to diminish the effects of cortisone. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is connected to feelings of well-being, which counteracts the effects of cortisone. Exercise has been connected to increased activity of serotonin.

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