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A guide to hiring bath fitters in the UK

If you are looking at remodeling a bathroom, or building a new one, it is worth studying the many bath fitters in the UK and the services they offer.

Bath fitting: Things to consider

Very important in the bathroom’s design is planning the wet room. To keep the rest of the bathroom dry and protect bathroom fittings which are not water-proof from steam, a shower or bathtub enclosure is essential. Positioning of the bathtub or shower is crucial.
Bathtubs and tub enclosures
This job involves fitting the plumbing, electrical, floor and wall tiling, bathtub, tub accessories and the bathtub enclosure. Most bath fitters either recommend a good showroom from where you can buy bathroom products, or sell these as part of their business.
Showers and enclosures
Fitting a shower involves installing floor and wall tiling, shower trays (recommended), shower accessories and the shower enclosure. Many home owners opt for a bathtub shower in which the shower accessories are fitted over the tub, thus saving space in the bathroom. In this case, a shower screen serves the purpose and a full enclosure may not be required.

From whom to hire

With a large number of bath fitters to choose from, it is difficult to know from whom to hire. However, it helps to consider a few factors, like whether the fitters also offer supplies, how much they charge for their design and installation, and whether they offer package deals. Here are a few recommended bath fitters in the UK.
For remodeling a bathroom, they are the leaders in the market, with a proven track record. Their customer testimonials are a good indication of why 63% of their business is through referrals. They are known for delivering service on time and exactly according to the quote given. They either supply fittings or recommend buyers to a good local store. offers free home delivery, full bathroom fitting services, price checks on the bathroom market in order to give buyers best prices, and discount offers – buyers can save 20% on purchases over £300. They offer deals on bathroom suites starting at £249 (this price seen on on 24.06.2011).


Bath fitting has never been easier, with bath fitters offering comprehensive services starting from design to full installation. Buyers can avail of these services and get a hassle-free bathroom installation.

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