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A guide to home power washing

Power washing is done in order to remove dirt and mildew that has accumulated over years. It increases the value of your home and prevents certain types of common repairs if done regularly. This article will provide a guide to home power washing.

Planning for a power clean

You need to use the appropriate power washing equipment to get the best results and also, carefully regulate the pressure so that the surfaces are not damaged.
Graffiti cleaning is possible by pressure washing. Pressure cleaners also remove grease, weather marks, grime, bird dropping and other contaminants. Pressure washing is typically done on the exteriors of the house that are constantly exposed to climatic changes. Preparing your house for power washing Procedures
You need to first ensure the safety of your house before you start the pressure cleaning. Locate an exterior power outlet to plug in the pressure washers in addition to a water faucet. Disconnect all the other electrical outlets before you start power washing. Do not spray the lighting fixtures and mail boxes while using a pressure sprayer. If you have used lead paint on the walls, check how to handle this by consulting your local health department. Close all windows and seal any holes in the sills. Checklist of places to clean It is a good idea to make a checklist of surfaces or places to clean as you will be too busy to think about it while you are actually doing the pressure washing. Some of the common places include exterior walls, windows, doors and other surfaces of the building facing the outdoors, roofs, pool and patio furniture, garage floors and vinyl sidings. Driveway cleaning, steps, stairways and gutters are equally important.


Personal safety Wear appropriate clothing while you power clean and protect your eyes using goggles. Stand at a distance of at least 3 ft to 4 ft from the surface you are going to clean. Do not stand on a ladder while pressure cleaning, as the pressure of the power washing equipment can make you off-balanced. Power washing safety guidelines Read the safety precautions and recommendations of the power washing equipment before using it. Test it first and fully understand how it works before doing the actual cleaning.

Waxing after a power clean

Waxing helps to keep the surfaces clean for a longer period in-between pressure washes. The surfaces are rendered more resistant to the formation of algae and mildew. Waxes are not very expensive and are easy to apply. In addition, pressure cleaning your house the next time around will not be as difficult.

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