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A guide to hot tub maintenance

A hot tub is always a source of relaxation and pleasure. It allows one to relieve tense muscles, to eliminate most aches and pains and to warm one's body on cool nights or on winter days. In order to enjoy these benefits for a long time, one must learn some basic knowledge on hot tub maintenance.

Hot tub maintenance

To maintain a hot tub, you need some knowledge on what to do to keep the water, the filter, the surface, the cabinet and the cover clean for optimum function. Make sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction manual before operating and maintaining the hot tub or spa.

Hot tub filter

Clean the hot tub filter every one to three weeks, depending on how often you use the spa. If you clean the filter regularly, it can last up to 12 months. There are a variety of filters available today and it is recommended that you always follow the manufacturer's manual instructions for cleaning your filter. To know whether your filter cartridge needs replacement, look within the pleats of the filter for excessive buildup of grime and dirt particles. If these remain even after you have cleaned it, then the filter should be replaced. It is a good idea to keep an extra set of filter or to rotate filters every time that you clean one. This will allow more time for your filter to soak for a more thorough cleaning. It will also give more time for the filter to dry completely. Regularly rotating filters can help to extend the life of hot tub filters from 12 months to up to two years.

Spa water treatment

Spa water treatment requires the use of sanitisers and purifiers to keep the water clear and healthy by killing bacteria and by eliminating odour. Hot tub chlorine is the most common chemical sanitiser used in hot tubs. Simply add one to three teaspoons of granulated chlorine into your hot tub every other day. Mineral-based purifiers are also rapidly becoming the most popular method of spa water treatment due to the fact that it is easy to use. It also works very well and requires very little maintenance.

Hot tub care

Clean the shell surface regularly to prevent a scum line from forming above the water line. Use a natural enzyme product that will not affect the water chemistry, that is safe to use and that will not scratch the shell surface. The enzyme will eliminate mould or mildew odours without bleaching. Hot tub care also involves conditioning the hot tub cover on a monthly basis to prolong its life. The wood cabinets also need regular maintenance to prevent them from drying out and deteriorating.
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