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A guide to installing flat speaker cable

Taking a cable through the wall is not always the only option to install cable wires. In such a situation, flat wire cables come to your rescue. This article serves as a guide to installing flat speaker cables.

Benefits of flat speaker cables

Overview There are other options available and sometimes, taking a cable through the wall may simply be not possible due to the structure of the wall, its surface and other things inside the wall that are put their during the construction.
Benefits of flat speaker cables When installing conventional cables is not possible or when they look out of place in an otherwise neatly finished room, flat speaker cables will be handy. They come with a adhesive backing on the one side and a surface that can be easily painted on the other side.
You can just stick them over the wall and paint them with your wall colour so that they become invisible, keeping the décor and look of your room intact.

Installing flat speaker cables

Installation First, you will have to decide the length of the flat speaker cables required for installation. Keep a bit more than the required length, so that the wire doesn’t strain or stretch. If you take off the upper surface of the wire, you can clearly see the speaker wires hidden inside this surface. Usually, flat speaker cables come with barrier strip adapters in which you can put these wires. After you have properly placed the wire in this barrier strip adapter, you can then secure the wire with a screwdriver. Regular speaker wires are put inside a flat wire, because the flat wires cannot directly connect to speaker.
Speaker cables such as Qed speaker cable serve the purpose just right and make sure that you have them with you before you purchase a flat speaker cable. Now, you can cut both ends of the speaker wire about ½ inches on both the sides. After you have reached the desired positions on both ends of your speaker, you can then use the adhesive that comes with the flat speaker cable to make them stick to the wall.
Final word After you have properly installed the cable, it’s now time to paint your flat wires, so that they mix with the wall colour and do not stand out from the rest of your room.

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