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A guide to jobs in Norwich

Norwich is a city to the East of England, in the county of Norfolk. It has a rich history, being the second largest settlement in 11th century Britain and it is now the administrative centre and county town of Norfolk. In this article serves as a guide to the jobs in Norwich.

Economy, insurance and media

Traditionally, jobs in the city were typically industrial, with many in the large shoe-making sector.
As with much of post-industrial Britain, however, the economy has changed into a predominantly service-based economy, particularly through the 1980’s and 1990’s.
Formerly Norwich Union, Aviva is a successful insurance company which conducts much of its operations in Norwich.
Naturally, this is a big source of jobs in the city as many people are needed to staff the company, particularly in call centres selling insurance and dealing with customer queries.
There are also several similar companies in the city and surrounding area offering similar jobs.
Media Many Norfolk jobs, particularly Norwich jobs, are in the media sector.
The city is home to the Archant company, formerly Eastern Counties Newspapers.
This is a national publishing group that emerged from the success of the Eastern Daily Press (EDP) paper and one of the daily newspapers in the city – the Norwich Evening News.
There are many EDP jobs in Norwich, including reporters, editors and sales teams.

Retail, higher education and housing

According to marketing company CACI, Norwich was the eight most prosperous shopping destination in the UK in 2006.
There is ancient market place dating back to the Normans in 1071 which is now the largest open-air six-days-a-week market in the UK.
Therefore, there are many jobs in the retail sector. There is also a flourishing high street and The Mall Norwich, Anglia Square and Chapelfield shopping centres. Opportunities
In all of these, there are many opportunities, particularly for sales assistants. In the market, the businesses are likely to be smaller, independent ones, so the jobs are more likely to be given to friends and family.
In the other places, the businesses are often larger so the jobs are more likely to be accessible to everyone.
Higher education
The University of East Anglia, specialising in creative writing and the visual arts, has job opportunities for lecturers as well as administrative staff. Housing
There is quite a lot of new housing being built in Norwich, particularly alongside the river Wensum.
This means there are jobs for builders as well as managers in the construction industry.

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