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A guide to kidney cleansing

A kidney cleanse or kidney flush is a method used to clear the kidneys of toxins and to help to improve their overall functions. Usually, kidney cleansing involves eating certain foods that help to get rid of substances, such as sodium, alcohol and phosphates from the urinary tract. If you want to find out more about achieving kidney health and dissolving kidney stones, read this article.


Kidneys are vital organs of the body that help you to stay healthy. They perform many important functions, such as promoting hormone balance, maintaining fluid and electrolyte balance, regulating blood pressure and filtering metabolic waste out of the body. The kidneys cleanse about 200 quarts of blood everyday, by removing all the impurities that are absorbed from the environment. So, it’s obvious that performing a kidney cleanse would be very beneficial for your health.

The best foods for kidney cleansing

Grapes Grapes contain a lot of potassium, which removes excess sodium and calcium from the kidneys and helps to maintain healthy blood alkaline levels.
Watermelon Watermelon cleansing is very effective, and is also a kidney stones natural treatment. Many people have managed to dissolve big kidney stones, by eating many watermelons everyday.
Herbs Using a herbal cleansing method in order to promote kidney health can have excellent results. This herbal flush usually involves drinking large amounts of tea composed of dandelion, juniper, parsley, red clove or ginger.
Vegetable juices One of the best ways to keep your kidneys healthy is to drink your vegetables' juices. Choose vegetables such as beets, carrots, kale, spinach, celery and watercress.
Cranberries Cranberries contain quinine, which dissolves urea and uric acid that may accumulate in the kidneys. Be sure to choose unsweetened cranberry juice. Water
Water is very important for the health of your kidneys. Every time people eat, the digestive system sends nutrients, water and waste into the blood. The kidneys are responsible for filtering out the water and waste, and send them to the bladder. If your body is de-hydrated, the water won’t be enough to flush the waste out of the body. This means that drinking plenty of water is essential.
To determine how much water you need, try to pay attention to the colour of your urine. If it’s clear and doesn’t have any odour, then your water intake is probably adequate.

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