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A guide to making chocolate products

Sometimes, all you want is a bit of chocolate. No matter what form it comes in, it can be a lovely treat. It can also make a great present. There really isn't anything that can compare to delicious home-made chocolate treats. Read on for a guide to making chocolate products.

Chocolate products

There are so many different ways to enjoy chocolate. You can enjoy it in its simplest bar form and just devour it or you can buy a syrup to enjoy it on ice cream or other sweet treats. Some people even enjoy it as a savoury treat. Bitter dark chocolate is frequently served in Michelin restaurants as a sauce accompaniment to scallops and as an ingredient in fresh pasta. You don't have to make anything as crazy as that, but you could try making truffles, cookies and cakes.

Chocolates and truffles

You don't have to spend a lot of money on delicious truffles from posh chocolates shop to get your serotonin fix. You can easily make your own at home. Most recipes call for good quality dark chocolate and cream, but you really can let your imagination run wild with truffle ideas. You can buy bulk cooking chocolate online from some of the stores below. You can also go to chocolate tasting clubs where you can learn which flavours complement the different cocoa varieties.


There are numerous varieties of cake that you could try baking. You could make cakes like chocolate muffins, bunt cake, fairy cakes, or simply make a really simple chocolate sponge cake. You can also experiment with cake decorating here too. Contrast dark chocolate icing with white chocolate swirls or stars, this will make your delicious cakes look much more appetising. If you intend on making a lot of cakes in the future, invest in some cake baking supplies and buy the highest quality baking equipment as possible. You can get special cake moulds from most kitchen supply and craft shops. Experiment with numbered cake moulds when you next make a birthday cake.

Cookies and biscuits

One of the most famous biscuits is the chocolate chip cookie. There's no need to buy cookies from the local shop, buy some cookie cutters and tins, and get baking. Cookies are as easy to make as cakes, and if you are feeling a little bit lazy cookie dough is also a delicious treat. You could also try making chocolate macaroons, or dip some buttery shortbread in melted chocolate for a really decadent treat.

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