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A guide to marketing through magnetic signs on your van/car

Take advantage of the free advertising space on your personal or business car, truck or SUV with magnetic signs. They are removable, transferable and of low cost. Magnetic signs expose your business to a wider audience and increase your leads. Start with this guide and increase your bottom line as well.

Designing your magnetic sign

Vehicle signs should adapt to your needs through text, colours, size, images and graphics. If all you need is to advertise a home delivery service, use a sign describing your service like ”Grocery Delivery Service,” along with your phone number in big bold letters on a white background. This is all that you need. If you want to promote your photographic studio, your logo along with full colour photos and your web address would be better. Your goal is visibility and attention.

Magnetic signs work for any business’ budget

They are excellent and cheap ways to market your new business or keep your business name and service on the mind of hundreds of potential customers everyday. Use a magnetic sign that you Can transfer Whether you manage a home business or an established company, make signs that fit in more than one vehicle. Switch the sign in seconds to the motorcar going out. At the end of your day, display the sign on your personal vehicle on your way home. Choose the right process for your magnetic sign Make sure that your magnetic signs are made with the correct printing process and materials to stand any type of weather throughout the year. Weather should not fade the design or distort the material on which it is printed on. Then, follow the maintenance recommendations from your printing company to clean your sign and the surface where it will be applied, to extend its service life for years to come.

The shape of your magnetic sign matters

Ask for a magnetic sign with rounded corners. This makes your sign aerodynamic, preventing the wind from creating a fold around the corners, according to Signs Now Mill Creek, a signs and graphics company.

Make a magnetic sign adapt to your budget

Magnetic sign boards for your van or car are so flexible that you can order a simple, small display with one colour or a large, full colour one that includes your company's logo, graphics, photos or anything in between. With a little creativity, you can make a magnetic sign for your van or car work for your business.

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