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A guide to money-making ideas for kids

Read this quick guide for tips on how to make money as a kid. Check out three specific kids' business ideas that you can use online and offline to make cash, here.

Sell your virtual items

Creating your virtual world One of the best ways to make good money is by doing things that you love. Many kids like building virtual worlds. You start with your favourite character and name her. After all the trouble of styling her up, you want to make her a home. (Girls have always liked playing houses; naturally they will do the same online.) With the same amount of attention, you style your virtual home with all the furniture pieces and so on, to your heart's content. And then, you start to interact with other players through their characters. During these times, you will shop for more items, expand your network and so on. Selling your virtual world Eventually, you may want to move on to something else. It is quite safe to say that your first virtual world isn't a be all and end all thing. This is when you can make the move to sell it, instead of letting it gather virtual dust. Now, your pre-loved creation can be another kid's joy and pleasure, the way it was for you.

Sell your online game account

If you are good at playing online games, this is another money-making idea that some people are already cashing in. Top accounts go for hundreds of dollars upwards. A mid-level account goes for less, but there are buyers who want it so that they can skip those easy levels.

Sell your service

There are plenty of offline jobs for kids that you can do. Here they are: 1. Baby sitting 2. Pet sitting 3. Grass cutting 4. Teach computer skills Make money teaching computer to kids If you are reading this, you should know how to use the computer. This is one of the less 'boring' ways to earn money. Spread the word around your neighbourhood so that you can teach young children how to use the computer. Children as young as toddlers are using the computer these days. You can improve their sophistication level and charge an hourly rate for it.

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