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A guide to natural cures for cancer

Natural cures for cancer have escalated the interest of many newly diagnosed patients due to this non-invasive form of treatment. More people are opting out of chemotherapy and radiology due to the cancer treatment warning label which claims that you may be susceptible to secondary cancers. Natural remedies have few side effects and are completely safe. Read more about natural treatments for cancer.

First steps in curing cancer

You have just been diagnosed with cancer and you and your family must decide on which protocol to start on. You have this intense desire to cure your cancer today. How to cure cancer? You should first begin with looking at the statistic charts and finding out more about your particular cancer. Pancreatic cancer has the lowest success rate, due to it usually being diagnosed in the last stages. One of the only natural remedies for pancreatic cancer is Nigella sativa or black seed. Nigella sativa is also shown to be successful in other cancers including breast cancer. The Budwig diet, using organic cottage cheese and flax oil has shown success in curing all cancers, including brain cancer.

Alternative cancer treatments

Diet will be your first concern. Many people have cured their cancer by following a natural and organic diet devoid of all meat, chicken and fish. The most successful diet is one where there is nothing cooked and all is raw. You must avoid sugar, dairy-processed and packaged foods. Food for cancer would include broccoli, salads, avocados and almonds. Holistic cures would include the non-traditional oleander soup recipe. Oleander soup should be purchased from a reliable vendor, as the oleander plant is poisonous when eaten raw. It is also suggested that if you are planning on using the oleander soup recipe, it should be combined with either the Budwig diet or Nigella sativa.

Cancer prevention

Most people are aware of how to prevent cancer, but many people will avoid bad food until it is too late. Preventing cancer comes down to diet supplementation and exercise. News reports have shown that people who drink one carbonated soda per week have a higher risk for pancreatic cancer, one of the hardest cancers to cure. Besides avoiding cola, you need to reduce your calories by ten percent of the recommended amount. So, if your daily calories are 1500 a day, you should only consume 1350 per day.
A reduction of 150 calories is not hard and very helpful in treating cancer. Other things that you can do are to avoid all red meat, eat more fruits and veggies and exercise 30 to 40 minutes a day. Dairy and sugar are also known as causes of cancer. So, they should be avoided or limited.

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A guide to PSA levels

A guide to PSA levels

A simple blood test that measures the level of prostate specific antigen, or PSA, in the blood is an early screening method for prostate cancer. If cancer is found as a result of early testing, it is generally in an earlier stage and is more treatable.