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A guide to parking at LAX

If your airport of departure is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), you can easily drive to the airport with your own vehicle, leave it at the Los Angeles International Airport’s parking and take it back upon your arrival. Read the following article and find out more interesting facts about the LAX parking, including the parking lot types and prices.

Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport, widely referred to as LAX is the main airport of the Greater Los Angeles Area, United States of America. You can find LAX located in southwestern Los Angeles, in Westchester. LAX is the busiest airport in the US State of California and serves United Airlines, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Great Lake Airlines and other significant airline companies.

Parking lots

Los Angeles International Airport offers its travellers with a vast variety of parking options, including valet parking lots and self-parking lots, covered parking lots and even parking lots that offer oil change and other mechanical services or car wash. Valet parking The closest parking lot to the airport’s terminals is LAX Parking Curb Express Valet Service, which offers valet parking services. If you are interested in valet parking, you can also leave your car at the Hilton Los Angeles Airport Valet. Self-parking If you are not interested in valet parking, you can also find numerous parking lots close to the airport’s terminals, such as the following: - The LAX Central Terminal Area - The Park N’ Fly Los Angeles at Park One - The Sunrise LAX Parking - The Easy Park LAX - The Parking Spot Los Angeles LAX Sepulveda Blvd - The Hilton Los Angeles Airport Self Park - The Los Angeles Airport Marriot - The Park Air Express - The QuikPark LAX - The Parking Spot Los Angeles LAX Century Blvd - The LAX Lot C - The LAX Park the Wally Park - The Johnny Park Many of the LAX airport parking lots and the above mentioned ones as self-parking, also have a valet parking as well, such as the Los Angeles Airport Marriot parking lot, the Park Air Express parking lot and the Parking Spot Los Angeles LAX Century Blvd.


Prices at LAX parking lots vary depending on the parking lot that you will choose (the distance, the services provided and so on). Keep in mind that it is always better to pre-book your parking space.

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