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A guide to payday loan with no fax machine

I need cash now, but have a very bad credit history. Is that you? Even if you have been declined elsewhere, you can get 30-day loans with instant approval. A payday advance is available for any purpose, and there is no need to fax documentation to the lender. No faxing loans are available from a payday lender on revised terms.

How to qualify for a payday advance loan

You will need to a citizen of the country where you are making the application. This means that you cannot apply for same day loans in Las Vegas if you are a UK citizen on your family vacation. Age of applicant
The younger the applicant, the more likely this person is to default on the terms of the agreement. You will need to have a minimum of 18 years old to apply for an online payday cash loan. Checking account
You are going to need a checking account in your own name, not that of a third party. Given that you are not providing identification, this is a fundamental part of the payday loan verification process. Bad credit history
Very few payday lenders credit check customers, they use an internal teletracking system. If you have defaulted on a payday loan, this will be revealed during the teletracking process. However, past credit difficulties are not usually an issue.

Cost of payday cash loans

Cost of a $1,000 cash loan
A fast and easy loan from a payday lender will normally cost you 25% per month. If you need a loan fast for $1,000, you should expect to pay up to $250 of interest. This means that you have got to find $1,250 in 30 days time. Pay day advance loan comparisons
If you are looking to minimise the cost of borrowing, it is inadvisable to sign-up straight away. You should compare interest rates and charges at several different lenders so you can establish the cheapest source of instant loans. Defaulting on pay advance loans
A lot can change over the course of a month which could make it difficult to repay the debt. If you experience difficulty making repayment, talk directly to the lender. Defaulting on the loan will only serve to exacerbate your money worries. Interest and charges will accrue quickly, and you'll be pursued by a debt collection agency to recover the money.

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