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A guide to postcard sizes

The history of the postcard began in 1840 as a small card, lithograph print or woodcut that were delivered by hand. It was not until 1869, that private postcards familiar to us today were printed in Austria. Read this article to learn more about postcard sizes.


History In 1902 UK, picture postcards "became the rage", especially when the Royal Mail allowed one side of the postcard to be devoted to a picture while the back could be used for the message and address. At this moment, an inexpensive and effective marketing tool was born that is available today in three postcard sizes. The A6 The A6 is the first standard postcard size available in the UK. This postcard measures 148mm by 105mm, or 5.8 by 4.1 inches. These postcards are the standard ones that you would find at tourist shops bearing pictures of sunrises or beaches and messages like "I wish you were here." Cost The A6 postcards at these shops are the least expensive to buy and if you were to have them custom-printed for your business or self, these would be the least expensive to order. It falls within the Royal Mail letter rate thanks to its size and weight.


The DL is larger than the 210mm by 99mm or 7.9 inches by 3.9 inches. Postcards of this size are more expensive if you were to buy them at a tourist shop as well as cost a little more to have them custom-printed. Size The larger size allows you a little more space for expression, which can be helpful when advertising a gallery opening or some other event. The DL postcard also falls within the Royal Mail letter rate thanks to its size and weight.


The last standard size of postcards available in the UK measures 210mm and 148mm or 7.9 inches by 5.8 inches. These postcards offer even more space for expression, turning the postcard into a small work of art that could be suitable for framing. Cost The A5 postcard is usually most expensive at tourist shops and also features some of the most beautiful pictures. It is also the most expensive if you want to have it custom-printed. Despite its large size, this postcard still falls within the Royal Mail letter rate.

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A guide to making pinhole cameras with paper tubes

A guide to making pinhole cameras with paper tubes

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Educational Supplies Direct: The facts

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