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A guide to renewing your passport

This article details out how to renew your passport in order to visit the places out of the country. The steps are easy to follow, and all you have to do is make sure that you have the necessary documents to ensure that your passport is renewed. Tips and warnings are also inserted for your information purposes and to provide you with the information needed before going to the office.

Step one

If the passport that you own was obtained before you were 16 years of age or it was not issued within 15 years previously, or you had your name legally changed then you can renew your passport through the mail. You should make sure to meet deadlines by applying two weeks prior to travelling internationally or four weeks prior to obtaining a visa.

Step two

Obtain a copy of the application form, which is the application for a Passport obtained through the IPS building, or through IPS online. Fill out the form and print it out in black ink, then mail it in to the necessary address or complete the form through the internet. Completely fill out everything on the form. Sign and date it as well. You will need to get together your recent passport if you have one, two different photos for the passport, the fees, and if your name has been changed on the marriage certificate.

Step three

Staple one of the photos on each corner to the application. Do not attach the other photo. Place it in the envelope with the application. The photos must be recent, in colour, and only 2 by 2 inches in size. They must be front view, full face photos with a plain white background. You cannot wear head gear, sunglasses or uniforms in the picture. This is because it can also be used as one of your identity cards.

Step four

Mail the application and the passport in a padded envelope in order to protect it. Do not fold the application. Make sure to mail it in using certified mail, or another type of postage that will enable authorities to trace the package. You can also have the package expedited. Write 'Expedite' on the outside of the envelope if so.

Step five

You will then receive your new passport back after the application has been processed. Keep in mind that if you’re under 16, you have to go and apply in person for the passport at the IPS. The IPS can also give you application help when applying in person.

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