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A guide to renting property at a Scottsdale resort

Scottsdale, Arizona is full of secluded, tranquil and luxurious resorts. For anyone who is interested in renting property at a Scottsdale resort, read through this guide for more information.

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Types of property
Whether you want to rent a room at Scottsdale, Arizona luxury hotels, at villas in Scottsdale or at premium condos or hotels, this city has it all. Research prices and listings and find one which suits your budget and style.
Places to search You can scour the web for info on renting Scottsdale lodging. You can also check out local real estate classified listings in newspapers. If you are in the area, walking directly in to local real estate offices is also an option. Here are websites to check out:,, and Rental times range from short to long-term. Types of property which can be rented in Scottsdale range from cheap hotels to luxurious Scottsdale resort hotels, villas and condos. Either way, when renting property in Scottsdale, you should be able to find Scottsdale hotel deals.

Popular resort rentals

The Scottsdale Camelback resort
The Scottsdale Camelback resort ( is one of the Scottsdale and Phoenix luxury hotels. This establishment's rooms range from cheap studio rooms to high-class multiple bedroom villas. The Camelback inn and hotel is ten minutes from downtown Phoenix and right near many top-notch golf courses. The Chaparral Suites The Chaparral Suites ( frequently offers travel packages for its resort. Its VIP2 Suite is 1100 square feet. As of 05.07.2011, the price per night for basic suites can start as low as $99 and the price of high-end VIP suites can be well over $300 per night. Other resorts
The Scottsdale plaza resort, Scottsdale Princess resort, and the Four Seasons resort at Troon North. At the Firesky Resort in Scottsdale, spas abound. As of 05.07.2011, you can book a standard room with a round of brews for $102. Other noteworthy resort properties worth renting include the Fairmont in Scottsdale, the Carefree Resorts and hotels, the Phoenician resort and Phoenician hotel, the Hyatt resort in Scottsdale and the Boulders Resort.

Supplementary information

Final word It is ultimately up to where you rent property in Scottsdale, Arizona. AZ hotels are abundant and very from budget to resort style. For those who want to rent property in Scottsdale, consulting this guide is the proper first step. Next, you can get to researching and contacting property and resort owners. If you are looking for a long-term rental or timeshare, consider hiring a realtor and talking to someone who has rented property in Scottsdale.

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