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A guide to staying at The Waterloo Inn, Cumbria

When mention is made of holidaying in Cumbria, the first image that springs to mind is that of the English Lake District. There is no doubt that this much loved area of outstanding natural beauty dominates the county. However, this article looks at the less well known northern part of Cumbria, based on a stay at the Waterloo Hotel, which still holds much interest for the visitor.

Where is the hotel?

The Waterloo Hotel is located in Aglionby, a village situated just outside Carlisle on the A69 and very near the junction 42 of the M6. As such, it is well placed for an exploration of the northern part of Cumbria. This area, while it may not be as picturesque as the Lake District, is still rich in cultural history. Carlisle itself is an old Roman town that was a long time ago, a source of dispute between the Scots and the English. The border between the two countries, and Carlisle’s place in England, was not secured until 1092 when the son of William the Conqueror established a royal fortress in the town. An impressive castle still occupies a central place there.

More of the history

Further north, another monument to this dispute still exists today. Hadrian’s Wall, with its regular fortifications and cleverly cut stonework, serves as a powerful reminder to the modern visitor as to the architectural and military prowess of the 2000 year old Roman civilisation. Carlisle also had its own canal which served as a link between the town and Port Carlisle on the Solway Firth, although this canal and the railway which replaced it have long since disappeared. Visitors interested in the natural world may find still Port Carlisle of interest though as its surrounding area is rich in bird and other marine life. It also marks one of the westernmost outposts of Hadrian’s Wall.

The Waterloo Inn

The Waterloo Inn and Hotel was established in 1965. As with most other hotels and inns in the area, it prides itself on the warmth of its welcome and the quality of its beer and homemade food which is served seven days a week. It also has regular live music and other traditional pub attractions, such as darts and dominoes. As a base for a visit to an underrated and sometimes under-appreciated area, it has much to recommend it. Look online for further details.

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