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A guide to the directory of social change funding

The Directory of Social Change Funding is an independent charity which helps the voluntary sector help charities to achieve their goals by providing comprehensive training. Since their beginnings in 1974, the DSC have been running courses and publishing material on topics such as fundraising, management, organisational and personal development, finance and law.

What does the DSC do?

The goal of the Directory of Social Change Funding (DSC), is primarily to positively initiate social change. On their website, they state that they endeavour to do this in several ways. Below are the activities carried out by the DSC: - Support the requirements of small and medium voluntary sector agencies.
- Provide practical training courses to enable charitable organisations to meet their goals.
- Run courses, seminars and briefings, in addition to organising CharityFair, a annual training forum Research and publish reference guides and handbooks
- Provide detailed websites where possible sources of funding can be obtained
- Produce a free monthly newsletter via email, providing information and offers.

Information available on the DSC website

The DSC website is particularly comprehensive and provides information on many subjects relating to funding and training. The website consw of seven main sections: Home page Within this section, you can find out about DSC news, register with the organisation, view their publications, and read various pieces of information about who they are and what they do. Publications
The publications tab takes you to a link which provides a list of categories in which they have published material and include: - Fundraising sources and techniques,
- Human Resources,
- Ffinance,
- Information and communication,
- Law,
- Management and governance,
- Personal development,
- Sector, policy and campaigns. Funding websites This is the section which provides detailed information about the different funding websites that are available for charities to undertake necessary training. There is a inclusive list of the websites, a little information about each, and a link to the website in order to find out further information. Conferences and training These tabs provide detailed information about any upcoming training courses, how to enrol and further information if required. Policy and research An overview of the policy and research instigated by the DSC.
Services Find out the range of services offered by the DSC, and contact customer services.

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