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A guide to tile paint

Painting even cheap ceramic tile can help to transform the dingiest or old looking kitchen or bathroom. The task of painting bathroom tiles can be completed with a little preparation and planning. To learn how to effectively paint ceramic tiles or to use floor tile paint, read the guide below.

What to consider when painting tiles

Tips and points to consider The actual task of painting your kitchen ceramic tiles is fairly easy although there are many things or conditions to observe before you begin this task . Ceramic tiled floors Shoes and dirt will cause paint to wear or scratch on heavily used areas. Covering your painted area with a decorative rug will help to protect your painted tiles. Tiles within a shower The constant moisture of a shower will cause paint to peel off if used in or near to a shower or bath. Painted kitchen ceramic tiles Never position hot pans close to painted tiles as this may cause the paint to blister and peel. The surface of the tiles condition If the surface of the tile when painted is in a poor condition, then the painting will not look as good. Repair any cracks or chips before painting at least
48 hours before you begin to apply the paint. The paint will need around two weeks to correctly dry, care should be taken during that period to ensure that no damage occurs to your newly painted surface.

Preparing and painting tiles

Protect surrounding areas Use cloths to protect the surrounding areas and tape to form a border around the tiles. Use rubber gloves to help to protect your hands. Sandpaper the tiles Using a fine grit sandpaper, carefully remove or break the gloss finish of the tiles to be painted, this will ensure the paint sticks to the tile. Care should be taken not to scratch the tile only to break the gloss finish. Once all the tiles have been prepared,wipe with a damp cloth to remove any traces of dust. Painting It is important to apply several thin or fine layers of paint rather than one thick one. Apply two coats of primer with a brush ensuring that all surfaces are covered. Apply at least two coats of the coloured tile paint of your choice. Use a fine brush for the edges, a small roller or paint pad can be used for a smooth surface across the remainder of the tile. Allow several hours for the paint to dry between each layer.

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