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A guide to travelling in Jamaica and the West Indies

Travelling by public transport in Jamaica and the West Indies can be hot, crowded, noisy and uncomfortable. It is also one of the best ways to see the real islands. There are, however, other forms of transport to travel around. Read the article which provides a guide to travelling to Jamaica and the West indies.


There is a good supply of relatively cheap taxis in Jamaica and the West Indies. For travelling around the islands and for seeing the sights, a taxi is a great idea. It is advisable to agree on prices with the driver before the journey begins, to avoid any embarrassing situations. Taxicos These are shared taxis that can be found in the West Indies. In Martinique, for example, taxico stops are small, wooden shacks on the edge of the road and you simply have to wait there for the next vehicle to arrive. Prices vary but can be cheaper than using a private taxi.

Car rental

A great way to travel around is in a self-drive rental car. In Jamaica, the best selections are found in the cities of Kingston, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay. Pick up a Jamaican map, usually supplied by the car rental companies for details of routes and sights. Deposits can be hefty, particularly in the main tourist season. Scooters and motorbikes
The cost of renting a scooter is significantly lower than when renting a car. Bear in mind that travelling around the islands is best kept to large cities as the roads in the countryside are often full of potholes.


Boat and ferry travels can be a fun way to travel in the West Indies. Most islands have boat hire facilities or ferry tours. In Jamaica, two of the popular boat trips are from Kingston to Port Royal and from Port Antonio to Navy Island. When island hopping by ferry, it is necessary to have a valid passport.


A fast and convenient way to visit the island is to hop by plane. You can either travel by a private charter or with a local airline. There are six airports in Jamaica, making it economically viable to travel within an island by a private charter. Airlines Some of the local airlines which operate flights between islands are Caribbean Airlines (, REDjet (, Air Jamaica (, Air Caraibes (, Cayman Airways ( and Liat Airline ( Travelling in Jamaica and the West Indies can be fun. Read the Jamaica Observer and Jamaica Gleaner for news in Jamaica, a map of Jamaica and travel information about the island.

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