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A guide to unique rings

Your engagement date has been decided and the countdown has begun. As the D-day approaches, you get nervous. The nervousness is not just about facing your family members; it is also about wearing the right clothes and choosing the right jewellery.This article provides you with information about unique rings.

How to choose the right ring?

When you visit a jewellery store, you are overwhelmed by the options available to you- diamond rings, platinum wedding jewellery, diamond solitaires, eternity wedding bands, titanium wedding bands, tungsten wedding bands and even Celtic engagement rings. Several metals and gemstones are used to make engagement and wedding jewellery. Earlier, gold and silver were the more common metals. Today, platinum, tungsten and titanium are also used in making rings and bands. You can narrow down your search for unique jewellery if you filter your search using parameters such as shape, size, colour and cost. Your individual taste is also important.

Type and size

Before you decide the gemstone for your ring, you should first decide whether you want a gold ring, silver ring, platinum ring or titanium ring. Again, gold is also available in two colours- white and yellow. Men generally wear sturdy rings made of platinum and white gold. For women, gold and silver are the best choice.


Once you have decided the structure of the ring, you have to decide which gemstone would the ring flaunt. You can choose diamonds, emerald, ruby and other gemstones. Diamonds are available in many colours such as pink, yellow, green and blue. Colourless diamonds are the most expensive. The cut and clarity of the diamond decide its cost.


Heart-shaped rings are best for occasions such as Valentine's day and anniversaries. Wedding rings should be elegant and stylish. Do not choose a ring, which is too flashy. Instead, opt for a ring that radiates elegance, style and class. Celtic wedding rings are for those who love tradition. Where to buy? You can buy diamond rings and gold eternity rings online. Choose reputed online jewellery stores such as, and These are popular stores, known for quality and customer service. You can also look for famous jewellery stores in your town or city.

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Where to buy engagement rings for men

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