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A guide to using home shopping catalogues for online clothes shopping

Home catalogues have been around for decades. However, as Internet and online shopping has been introduced, more people are shopping online than ever before. Here is a guide to using one of the websites for clothes shopping purposes.


Home shopping catalogues were once a very popular way to buy clothes when you couldn’t reach the shops. However, as the Internet has become increasingly popular and Internet shopping has developed, the home catalogue is gradually being used less and less. Companies which have catalogues but which also offer you the chance to shop online include: -Kaleidoscope,
-Additions Catalogue,,
-La Redoute,
-Joe Brown and

How to use home shopping catalogues

1) Go to 2) Place your mouse over the ‘Fashion’ tab. Several categories for you to choose from will appear. 3) Click on your chosen category. You can choose from skirts, tops, jeans, etc. You can also shop by brand or a special feature i.e. shape wear or work wear. 4) The page will show you all the clothes that are available online. On the side of the website, you can choose to reduce your search by dictating the price, colour, size, brand etc. If you want to search through all the dresses, then you can sort the items using the drop-down box as well as the number of items that feature on each page. 5) Each image has a title and the price. If for e.g. you select the ‘Satin Print Dress’ for £55, click on the image of the item you want and it will take you to another web page. 6) The new page gives you a detailed product description, delivery and returns information and reviews. There are also images of your selection. 7) Under the product description, there are two drop-down boxes. One is intended to select your size and the other is for quantity. 8) Click on ‘Add to bag’ and a small dialog box will appear, allowing you to ‘Continue shopping’ or ‘Go to bag’. 9) If you choose ‘Go to bag’’, you will be taken to a new page. This allows you to remove your item (if you want) and change the quantity. 10) Click on a pink button that says ‘Checkout’, where you will be asked if you have shopped with the company before. 11) If you say ‘No’, this will take you to a page where you can enter some details that will register you for future use. 12) Once you have registered, you can then pay for your item by typing in your credit card details. 13) Once payment is done, you will receive an order number and you then wait for your item to arrive.

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The benefits of Next home shopping

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The pros and cons of support socks

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