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A review of Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens is a monthly magazine targeted at the home-maker who loves to cook and keep his/her home looking good. The online edition of the magazine provides useful information categorised into entertaining, home improvements and gardening as well as seasonal features. This article provides a review of Better Homes and Gardens.


Better Homes and Gardens is popular for its easy meal recipes using good quality, nutritious food suitable for any occasion from family dining to dinner party entertainment. The online edition has clear, easy tabs to help you to find a recipe by mail ingredient, preparation time and the name of the dish to make it simpler for you to locate what you require.

Decorating and home idea

This section of the magazine provides useful information on colour schemes, how to improve the look of a room and the best ways of using limited space. Quizzes and online tools help you to find out more about your own personal tastes and allow you to play a round with ideas of colour and positioning of furniture.


Garden decorating and seasonal ideas to improve your outdoor space are well throughout in Better Homes and Gardens. Features include practical advice on getting rid of weeds as well as garden projects such as making your own potting bench. This is something to appeal to gardeners at all levels of interest and expertise.

Entertaining and holidays

The section of the magazine dedicated to entertaining will give you great ideas for hosting dinner parties or larger gatherings. Features will help you build up an array of themed party ideas and help you to find shortcuts that will make you the hostess whom everyone wants to visit. Sections on holidays will get you geared up for the big family occasions including Christmas, with ideas through everything from recipes to table decorations and food gifts.

Health and family

As a home-maker, you are expected to know how to take care of your family. Better Homes and Gardens give you tips and advice on subjects such as weight loss, fitness regimes and healthy eating. There are also ideas on how to keep the kids fit and active with fun ideas for family games.


There is also an online shop where you can buy featured plants and garden accessories at discounted rates.

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