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A review of Boat 4 Auction, UK

Boat 4 Auction is a website that links people who are looking to buy boats with eBay auctions that are selling boats and related products, such as motors and pontoons for sale. The website has both a US and a UK concern, which are both very similar in the mode of operation, with boat sales made directly through eBay rather than

Range of boats

A wide range A massive selection of boats are available on Boat 4 Auction, ranging from small, outboard engine boats through to large power cruisers worth several thousand pounds.
Boat shoppers visiting Boat 4 Auction UK can browse their range of products by clicking on the various links across the top of the page, such as "power boats" or "jet skis". Ebay auction listings called up by the Boat 4 Auction website are placed in chronological order based on listings that are due to end very soon. Limitations One of the website's main limitations, however, is the fact that you cannot organise listings in any other way, such as by product name, price or whether or not the listings have pictures, for example, as you can on the main eBay website. Overcoming the limitations Users can, however, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "View all items on eBay" link, which will direct you to the same boats as listed on eBay. Here, you can organise listings in order of price, with or without picture or product name, for example, while you can also refine your search based on your location or budget.

Other products

Replete with accessories A great range of other products are available to users of Boat 4 Auction.
Browse the links in the right hand side menu to look at bilge pumps, GPS systems, anchors, engines, propellers, manuals, life jackets and any other boat-related product that you could ever need. Products are organised in the same way as the boats on the website, while, as with boats, users can click through to see all of the items listed on eBay.

Making purchases Purchases are not made through Boats 4 Auction, which has no payment engine.
Users will instead buy their product direct from an eBay business or independent seller as they would with a usual purchase from the auction website.

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