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A review of Garnier Fructis hair colour

This article reviews the hair colour products offered by Garnier. The whole range of Garnier hair colour is discussed and the benefits of each product are summarised. The article also focuses on the advantages of Garnier hair colour products and explains some of the possible side-effects of the colours.

A review of Garnier hair colour

Popularity Garnier hair colour has become a very popular hair styling product across the world. Almost all cosmetic shops sell Garnier hair products and among these, hair colour seems to be the most sought after. Variety of hair colours Realising the growing demand for colouring products, Garnier has introduced a variety of hair colours into the market. They have products for first-time greys, permanent and semi-permanent colour, cream hair colour, multi-lightening kits and 10-minute colour. Each Garnier colour caters to a specific need of the user, such as a long-lasting colouring solution or just a highlighting effect.

The Garnier hair colour range

Natural hair colour products Garnier offers a range of natural hair colour products that promise healthy and shiny hair. The hair colour products created by Garnier for different purposes are Belle, 100% colour, Nutrisse, Nutrisse Multi-Lights Kit, Movida and Herbashine. Belle is a colouring cream that gives permanent results in 20 minutes while Herbashine needs only 10 minutes to work. Those looking for a temporary colouring product can choose Movida that develops in 15 minutes. The Nutrisse Multi-Lights Kit gives your hair colour highlights while the Garnier Nutrisse hair dye nourishes your hair with its conditioning effect. Garnier 100% colour is a long-lasting product that ensures that your hair colour remains as bright as on the first day, for a much longer time.

Why Garnier?

Ammonia-free products Garnier hair colour comes with easy-to-use applicators that help you to get the desired colour in the comfort of your home. Garnier colours are available in different shades to suit various hair tones. One of the greatest advantages of the Garnier hair colouring products is that they do not contain ammonia. The conditioning ingredients like avocado oil, bamboo extract, among others make it a safe and natural alternative to other ammonia-based hair dyes. Instructions and packaging The non-drip formulation of Garnier hair colour makes hair colouring a comfortable and convenient do-at-home procedure. The instructions that come with the products provide a step-by-step guide to hair colouring. Garnier is also very affordable and the packaging is quite attractive. Precautions As with all cosmetic products, Garnier hair products may lead to allergic reactions in some cases. Dry hair, brittle hair, hair fall, not getting the desired colour and various other problems may be observed after using the product. Garnier recommends a skin allergy test before each application of their hair colour products.

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