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A review of Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Bed

The Little Tikes Thomas and Friends Bed is a fun-bed for children who is moulded into a replica of Thomas the Tank Engine. Along with being a bed, it also acts as a storage space and is available from a variety of outlets. In this article, we give a review of the Little Tikes Thomas & Friends Bed.

The bed

For children who love Thomas The Tank Engine, this bed is ideal for them as they can have their very own Thomas in their bedroom. The bed's dimensions stand at 14 x 18 x 60.1 inches and it weighs in at around 55 pounds. Age The recommended age for users of the bed is 15 months to five years of age. The face of Thomas is located at the base of the bed facing away from the child while the child's head rests towards the rear of Thomas. Furthermore, the bed is very easy to assemble though it should be noted that a piece of plywood is required to hold up the mattress within the bed.

More than a bed

It is safe to say that the Little Tikes Thomas The Tank toddler bed is more than just a bed, it's an all-round storage device in which toys and other objects can be kept. The bed frame has special niches to hold books and small collectables, and a built-in "cow catcher" storage area to hold pyjamas and slippers. The tracks that are moulded into the bed rails allow kids to play with their toy cars and trains. However, it should be noted that such toys are not included in the bed set.


Little Tikes Thomas The Tank Engine beds are available at a number of outlets and will most likely have to be delivered because it is quite large. They can be found online from sites such as Toys R Us and Amazon or alternatively, you can visit the little Tikes website which is probably the best place in terms of reliability. Amazon However, Amazon can also be a good place to visit in order to get a good deal. The bed retails at most places between £150- £200 but comes with free-shipping from most places due to the high original cost.

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