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A review of Tiny Love - Wonder Wheel

The Tiny Love- Wonder Wheel is an interactive toy designed to keep young children amused by furing long car journeys. It came out in 2006 and has proved fairly popular. This article will take a closer look at it to see if it is worth purchasing.

The toy

There are two parts to the toy. The first is a mat which hangs from the back of the front seat. It has pictures of animals that light up on it, in response to buttons being pressed on the second part, which is the steering wheel.
Securing the mat
The mat can be secured easily around the headrest or under it with an adjustable strap. This means that it is quick to transfer from one car to another and will fit any make or model easily with a little adjustment. The cord The steering wheel is attached to a cord, which can be slotted through the buckle strap of any car seat. The cord also means that if your little one lets go of the steering wheel, they can easily pull it up again by the strap themselves! The wonder toys are therefore only suitable for front-facing travel because of this design. Farm theme The mat has a farm theme with pictures of various farm animals, a rooster cow, sheep, ducks and a dog. Each of these can be made to light up and play their specific animal noise, when your child presses the matching button on the steering wheel. This is especially good for travel in the winter when it is too dark in the early evening to read stories, or look at other toys in the car. Sadly, there is no volume control, and no way for a front-seat passenger to turn the thing off.

Nice added touches

A nice touch is that the on/off switch says "Hello" and "goodbye" to your child when operated. However, If accidentally left on, the batteries do not run low as the toy remains on standby until a button is pressed.There is another button on the wheel which play "Old Macdonald" and at the same time, the lights on the mat move around from one animal to another, encouraging your child to follow the light around and stimulating her sight. Final note Overall, this is a good toy that will keep your child amused. The only disadvantages are that your child could easily become bored of it after a while and also, due to its material, it can be quite difficult to clean. The product is available for around £20.

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