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A review of is an online employment company and community which primarily caters to experienced and skilled mothers. The website connects mothers who are looking for full-time, flexible or part-time work, ranging from home jobs to jobs with employers. It also contains career advice and business ideas for working mothers and fathers. Since 2008, the company is based in London. This article is a review of

Overview was founded by Gillian Nissim in 2006. She was a senior communications manager, but she wanted to find a flexible and challenging career. In 2008, the company moved to a London office as its base. As of 2011, the company employs 14 staff members. The staff consists exclusively of working mothers. Parents who want to search for home-based work can register for free at the website. They can search for the job which is most suitable for them and apply for their preferred work at home jobs. On the home page, the jobs listed are categorised into
work from home jobs, part-time jobs and full-time jobs. This separation makes it easier for members to narrow down their job search. Sections of the website are also focused on career advice, business ideas, recipes and interviews with inspirational women.

Positive points

A variety of opportunities
There are several job options available. The applicants can choose which job is best suited for them. works with hundreds of employers, both from large companies and small businesses. They provide a large selection of part-time or full-time work from home jobs. Each job listing gives details such as the industry, job status, salary and weekly hours. Hence, applicants can gauge the job's requirements. More helpful content
Aside from the job listings, also contains helpful sections on building businesses at home, franchise opportunities and blogs, advice and news about working from home. Working parents can find ideas on the different ways to earn money while keeping a flexible schedule. Free registration
Working parents can register to the site for free. Members can upload their resume or CV to the site for free. Potential employers pay a small fee to post job listings on the site and to look at the resume of potential candidates for the job.

Negative points

Application process
As with all other job applications, applying for a job at does not guarantee acceptance. Applicants must undergo the application process and must wait for feedback from the employer. Career growth
Most of the job listings involve repetitive or simple tasks which are not meant for people who are seeking career or personal growth.

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