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A review of buying ring bearer gifts

A ring bearer is an important part of the wedding party. Traditionally, ring bearers are boys and are accompanied by the flower girl. This pair is normally one of the highlights of the wedding and as such, a gift is certainly in order. Finding a gift that is unique and proper is important as well. This article will provide a review of buying ring bearer gifts.

Gift ideals

Ring bearer gifts should not just be some toys that the child enjoys or some memento from the wedding itself. It should be something appropriate for a boy, but also something personalised to document the occasion.
Personalised clothing
Boys love their t-shirts and baseball jerseys. Why not present your ring bearer with a personalised shirt, with their name and the date of the wedding along with, the tiles of Mr. and Mrs. “insert your last name here” and the title “ring bearer” as well. Selecting a handsome shirt that the child will be excited about wearing is indeed a plus. Personalised backpack
Sending the child off to school in a personalised backpack is another nice way to express your gratitude. A sharp looking backpack, personalised with information, pertaining to his role in your wedding is priceless as well as very practical. School agers all require a backpack to lug their school supplies around. This gift will serve the purpose and be a reminder of his participation in your special event.

More gift ideals

Personalised piggy bank
How about a nice silver personalised piggy bank? Something fashioned into a car, train or even a soccer ball. These attractive mementos are sensible and be much useful for the child. Perhaps, as well, you can start as the young man out, by placing some money into the piggy bank yourself as an added thank you. Personalised toys
If you opt for the toy route, there is still a fine selection of toys that you can personalise and document the ring bearer’s participation. Such items as baseball bats, stitchery on a soccer ball are two fine ideas for your ring bearer gift. Frankly, you can personalise most anything in one fashion or another.
The question is how you want the gift presented and whether or not, you feel that it should be something to be preserved.

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