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A review of glassware from Anchor Hocking

Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation began in 1905 in Lancaster, Ohio. The glassware, by which the company is known and is sold in the UK, began in the 1940s. This line, known as the Fire King, was "oven-proof" and is one of the most popular of the company. The glassware is durable and often multi-purpose.


Anchor Hocking has a wide range of glass measuring cups. These cups come in various sizes - a shot glass which has a capacity of 30ml, measuring jugs which are 5Lt and 1.0Lt, and a "triple pour" measuring cup which holds 250ml. These glass cups and jugs are clearly marked so that you can see the measurements easily. This can be an advantage when perhaps cooking in a hurry. They are available at Dexam International, Amazon, and more.


Anchor Hocking glassware includes serving vessels as well. These vessels include lidded sugar bowls, creamer jugs, footed trifle bowls, ramekins, two cake stands with lids, a stoppered jar, two sundae dishes and a gravy boat. The glassware has pleasant curves and plain designs. The domed lids of one style of the cake stands feature a ribbed lid. These are available by Dexam International, Amazon, and more.

Baking and mixing

The Anchor Hocking baking line includes a wide range of vessels, including multi-use vessels. The line includes a basic loaf dish and a premium loaf dish - rectangular baking dishes that measure 20x23cm and 23x33cm, an oval roaster that measures 32x23cm, and a square baking dish that measures 20cm. The line also includes a deep and basic pie plate, casserole dishes with lids (good for storage as well as reheating in the microwave) that hold 2Lt, 1.5Lt, 590ml, and 355ml, a rectangular baking dish with a lid that holds six cups, and a round roasting dish with a lid that holds seven cups. Anchor Hocking has a wide range of mixing bowls which can be sold individually and as sets. The sizes range from 1Lt, 1.5Lt, 2.5Lt, and 4Lt. These dishes are available at Dexam International Amazon and more.


Anchor Hocking has storage containers that include storage jars and lids which hold 4Lt, 8Lt, 3Lt, 2Lt, square, stackable storage jars that hold 1lt, 1.5 Lt, and 2.5 Lt and Emma storage jars that hold 4 oz, 10 oz, and 20 oz. These are available at Dexam International, Amazon and more.

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