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A review of the Passport America Camping Club

Passport America in the USA is the Original 50% Discount Camping Club that started in 1992. It gives discounts on nightly camping rates all over America. If you would like to know more about Passport America, you can read all about it here.

About Passport America

Members Passport America is a camping club, where members get discounts on various camping grounds. These grounds are located in the US, Canada and Mexico. Camp sites, that are affiliated with Passport America, offer the members a discount, making camping at these grounds a lot cheaper if you are a member. New camp grounds join all the time. Camping owners Camping owners, who affiliate with Passport America, get free advertising and apps.

Camp grounds
On the website, you find an overview of all the participating camp grounds. You can choose to look in either the US, Canada or Mexico. When you go the US map, you can click on the states and see which camping grounds in that state are affiliated with Passports America.
Making an online map You can also make a map online of the route you want to travel, and find camping grounds along the route. With this USA travel guide, you will know exactly where all the Passport America camping grounds are. Camping grounds with rental accommodation and testimonials There is also a list of camping grounds with rental accommodation and testimonials from other visitors. In the testimonials, you can read how other visitors experienced that camp's site, and find out if it has what you are looking for.


Discount When you join Passport America, you can get discount on the camping grounds affiliated with this camping club straight-away. Passport America Membership Card
You can use your Passport America Membership Card as many times as you like, while you are a member.
New members also get a brochure with all the camping sites, to plan a first holiday with discount.
Annual newsletter You also get an annual newsletter with news on new camping grounds.
If you are thinking about joining Passport America, you can check out how you can do that and what the benefits are of membership on You can also find out online, how members can earn extra money through the referral program, link exchange programme and by referring camping grounds to others.

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