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A review of underwire sports bras

Women in sports were once looked down upon as being a peculiar race with lean bodies, plenty of muscles and sagging breasts. Times have changed. Women's sportswear companies have finally developed a sports bra that highlights the figure of sporting women and helps them to maintain the shape of the breasts while participating in sports which demand physical movement.

Wired sport bras

Nowadays, the most expensive bra for women who actively participate in some type of sport is the underwire bra. It is a special type of bra design which has a type of wire built within it so as to keep the breasts from flopping up and down. Flopping breasts are hazardous for women who want to look good, even though she is active in sports. Every woman has probably heard of Cooper's ligament. This is a connective tissue that holds up the breasts. When it is damaged, it can cause permanent sagging. That is why top sports women are seeking bras with underwire so as to prevent the occurrence of sagging breasts.

Types of underwire bras

There are however, numerous underwire bras on the market. It is not easy to find one that fits you perfectly with the first try on. It is necessary to take the time out of your busy schedule and to visit stores with a wide selection of bras to find the best bra fit for you. When trying on the bra, make sure that you jog a few steps in the store
(if this is possible) so to see how your breasts react. After all, they must be comfortable. Underwire bras can either be with encapsulation or compression. The encapsulated underwire bras are designed with hook and eye. However, it is basically up to you to know which type is more suitable for you. Comfortable bras such as the freya bra or the shock absorber Sports Bras as well as the champion bras are designed to support women's breasts and at the same time compliment your physical features. Among others, they rank as the best underwire bras on the market. Be wary of bras which look good, but do not give you enough breast support. There are plenty of them around. They may cost less, but the quality is lacking and the pay off comes years later with sagging breasts. A good sports bra also allows for the skin to breath even if sweating occurs. Thus, cotton is not ideal when undertaking sports that are very strenuous and cause you to perspire a lot. Fabrics that wicks away moisture and keep you cool and dry, are ideal according to the advertisement from the makers of the Champion Powerback® underwire sports bra.

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