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A tour of Universal Studios in Florida

Would you like the chance to go behind the scenes and join the action in your favourite movies? This is possible when you visit the Universal Studios in Florida. Read more about everything that the Universal Studios have to offer visitors right here.

About Universal Studios Florida

Overview The Universal Studios Florida are a movie and TV based theme park.
You find rides, shows and movie sets that allow you to see what it would be like if you had starred in that show or movie.
The Universal Studios Florida opened in 1990 in Orlando as part of the Universal Orlando Resort.
It is partly based on the Universal Studios Hollywood with components like the studio tour.
Every element has been magnified, so they are even larger and more exciting.
It does not limit its attractions to the film library but has incorporated rides and attractions based on shows or movies produced by other film studios.
It has been a very popular park with visitors since its opening. In 2010, it was the eighth most visited theme park in the US with nearly 6 million visitors.

Rides and attractions

The Universal Studios Florida offers more than 25 rides and attractions. Thrill rides The Incredible Hulk Coaster accelerates from zero to 40 mph in two seconds flat. This ride will also have you go upside down at high speed. The Dragon Challenge lets you choose a dragon after which you hold on tight as these dragons nearly collide while twisting and turning at high speed. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket will also have you gasping with excitement while you rock out to the song you picked at the start of the ride. Kids rides The Cat in the Hat is a great ride for kids. Water rides The Jurassic Park River Adventure will have you trying to get away from the jaws of a T-rex.

Movie attractions

Final word The Universal Studios Florida theme park has many attractions that are derived from famous movies. The Shrek 4D lets you experience a fairy tale in your face. You can go for the ET Adventure or Men In Black Alien Attack. As from 2012, you can become part of the story of Despicable Me which is a 3D attraction. For more information check out

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