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A travel guide to Royal Decameron, Montego Bay

Are you thinking of travelling to an exotic destination for your next vacation? In that case, you should consider visiting Jamaica. Jamaica has many worth visiting destinations and you may select the one that better suits your needs. One of the most beautiful and picturesque places in Jamaica is the city of Montego Bay, which offers a vast variety of accommodation types. One of the best choices is the Royal Decameron hotel. Read the following article and find out everything that you need to know about it.

Montego Bay

Montego Bay is located in the island of Jamaica and more specifically, in the north-west part of Jamaica. It is the second largest city in Jamaica by area and the third by population. It is the capital of St. James Parish and belongs to the county of Cornwall. According to the 2001 Jamaican statistical data, Montego Bay has a population of over 96 thousand residents. Beaches and cheap shopping markets Montego Bay is a picturesque city that attracts numerous visitors every year for its magnificent beaches. Tourists usually come to Montego Bay through its busy Montego Bay port, a popular cruise line terminal. Montego Bay is also popular for its cheap shopping markets. Since tourism is the primary industry of Montego Bay, many accommodation types are available for visitors.

The Royal Decameron

You will find the Royal Decameron Montego Bay hotel located in 2 Gloucester Avenue in the north part of Montego Bay. The hotel’s location is ideal for everything you want to do, whilst you are staying in Montego Bay. The Royal Decameron is close to the major shopping markets of Montego Bay and to the most popular restaurants, cafes and clubs. You can also spend your time at the casino that you will find close to the Royal Decameron hotel. Hotel rooms
The Royal Decameron has 143 rooms in the front of two small and picturesque beaches. You can select between king and double beds and enjoy the magnificent ocean view, the balcony or patio, the bathtub or shower cabin and a cable TV. What to do In the Royal Decameron, you can find two swimming pools and sport facilities. You can also select between buffet and a-la-carte restaurants, snack bars and cafes. If you are travelling with your children, let them enjoy the children’s club.

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