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A visit to the Valley Medical Center

Located in Renton, Washington, Valley Medical Center is a full-service hospital that caters for both local and international clients. Founded in 1945, the hospital was originally known as the Renton hospital. From its humble beginning, the hospital grows to be the largest non-profit hospital in the area. At present, the Valley Medical Center is equipped with state of the art facilities including a level three trauma centre. This article provides you with an overview of the Valley Medical Center.

Getting there

To get to the hospital, you may take the bus and simply drive to the campus. By bus, you can reach the hospital via bus 155, 161 or 169. If you decide to drive, take the northbound exit I-405, if you are coming in from the north or southern side of the state. Once that you reach the city of Renton, take highway 167 exit. There are three free parking areas inside the campus namely, near the hospital’s main entrance, near the Medical Arts centre and near the South Tower.

Hospital services

A prime healthcare facility, Valley medical is home to well-trained health professionals and specialists. It offers a number of health services including emergency services, primary care, cancer treatment, heart and vascular services, diabetes and endocrinology, joint replacement and orthopaedics, women’s health, children’s health, men’s health, senior and other specialty in-patient care. The hospital’s level two trauma centre is located in the south tower of the hospital building to allow for easy access to the helipad. The centre is equipped with state of the art equipments and private rooms.

Support services

The Valley Medical Center understands the needs of its patients and their families. Thus, it offers support services to help clients to feel at home. A cafeteria, espresso bars, gift and flower shops and a pharmacy are located in strategic areas inside the hospital campus.
Special need support to patients
Aside from providing support physical support facilities, the hospital also provide special need support to patients. An emergency intervention team provides 24 hour service to patients and their families who need counseling and emotional support. The hospital also provides spiritual care services for those who want to pray and get spiritual guidance. Promoting good health As part of its commitment to promote good health, the hospital offers free health seminars on various topics. Aside from offering free classes and seminars, the hospital also offers wellness and other support programmes for the patients and their families.

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