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About Sterling savings

Sterling Savings Bank is a North American bank whose headquarters is in Spokane, Washington D.C. With 178 depository branches located throughout Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Montana and California, Sterling Savings manage to reach out to a considerable number of people. To find out more about Sterling Savings and their offerings, read this article.

An overview of Sterling Savings

Sterling Savings Bank first opened its doors in 1983 with 13 employees in Spokane, Washington. Presently (June 2011), it has approximately 2,500 employees and operates in 5 states across the Northwest and west coast of America. With over $9 billion in assets, Sterling Savings Bank is capable of providing a wide range of services to the community. Aiming at a broad portfolio, Sterling Savings serves both the business community as well as private individuals. Sterling Savings in the community The Sterling ethos is directed at serving the local community. With this in mind, Sterling Savings have several community outreach programs, which are listed below. Giving back to the community Sterling employees give back to the local community by volunteering in a wide range of community activates, which are: - Art and culture
- Charitable giving
- Civic and community
- Education and health
- Wellness In 2010, Sterling employees have donated over 25,000 hours of their time, to more than 400 organisations. Strengthening our communities Sterling Savings attempts to meet the objectives of the Community Reinvestment Act, which are: - Address lending and housing needs of the low income
- Provide lending support to small businesses and farms
- Support the community, as well as economic development and community financing organisations. Community events
Sterling also sponsors a wide range of community events across its footprint.

Banking services provided by Sterling Savings bank

Sterling Savings provide a range of banking services which cover not only personal savers but also for small businesses, and commercial and institutional account holders too. In an article of this size, it is not possible to cover every banking service provided by Sterling Savings. The services listed below represent a brief outline of its personal banking offerings. Online banking Sterling provides the following online banking features: - Personal online banking
- Bill pay
- Online statements
- Re-order checks
- Check images
- Security and privacy
- Checking and Saving
- Checking and savings accounts
- Checking accounts
- Sterling Visa credit card
- Direct deposit Loans and credit
The following types of loans are available from Sterling:
- Home loans
- Home equity loans and lines of credit
- Personal line of credit
- Auto and vehicle loans
- Sterling Visa credit card.
- Loan by phone facility
- Financial services
- Retirement
- Investments
- Private banking
- International banking

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