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Accelerated Nursing Programs: The Facts

Accelerated nursing programs, also known as graduate-entry accelerated courses or second degree nursing programs, offer a fast-track route into adult nursing for graduates with degrees in related healthcare subjects. This guide to the accelerated nursing program explains the contents of the course, requirements and future career prospects.

What are accelerated nursing programs?

Fast-track nursing degree programs equip graduates with the knowledge and skills they require in order to both assess and manage the requirements of adults needing nursing care. These programs prepare student nurses to consider the wide range of factors which influence an adult’s healthcare needs. It trains them to progress within the adult nursing sector, either to become specialist nurses or managing nurses, should they desire to take up such roles in the future. The program is best suited to graduates who hold the motivation and commitment required to care for adults in partnership with both the patients’ own families and as part of a larger multi-disciplinary healthcare team.

What are the entry requirements for accelerated nursing programs?

Academic requirements Accelerated nursing programs in the UK accept candidates who hold an honours degree in a subject relating to healthcare sciences. This may include biology, health sciences, sociology, psychology, or child development. Some universities allow students on accelerated nursing programs to bypass certain modules through their accreditation of prior learning schemes. All applicants will be required to demonstrate adult numeracy and literacy at level 2.
Procedures towards getting accepted in the program Shortlisted applicants will be offered an interview and on acceptance of a place on the course. They must complete a Criminal Records Bureau check, pass an occupational health examination, and also supply relevant satisfactory references. Professional experience Universities may also consider applicants who offer extensive professional experience in an area related to nursing. Vocational qualifications may also be accepted as suitable entry requirements.
Note Applications for full-time accelerated nursing programs in the UK are made through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS).

How do students on accelerated nursing programs learn?

Accelerated nursing education programs typically require students to spend half their time studying at university and half their time studying and working under the supervision of qualified, experienced staff in a suitable hospital or primary care placement.

What can I do with an accelerated nursing degree?

On successful completion of an accelerated nursing program, graduates can join the Royal College of Nursing and apply for adult nurse work in the NHS or in the private sector.

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