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Advice for buying used mobile phones

Whether you are a first-time buyer or you simply want to get another mobile phone for your own reasons, buying a used mobile phone can be a cost effective way to get the new phone you are eying. However, like everything else, never plunge into the search for a used phone blindly.


Set a budget Just like with new mobile phones, used phones come with different price tags, depending on, among other things, their design and capabilities. Look at your financial obligations and strength and set a price range for the phone that you can comfortably afford, including setting a budget for accessories you might want or need, such as headphones, a back up charger and a hands-free kit for the car. Keep to your budget Only consider phones that fall within your budget to avoid overspending and upsetting your other financial plans. Knowing how much you can spend on a phone from the outset narrows your search and helps you overcome the temptation to buy fancy, expensive phones that are outside your financial capability.


Consider why you want the phone Some people want a basic phone for making and receiving calls and for sending and receiving text messages. Other people want a mobile that offers more than just the ability to talk on the phone, such as the ability to check email, listen to music, take pictures and even make video calls. Determine what your priorities for wanting a used phone are by considering how you think you will use the cell phone. Choose a phone that meets your priorities Select a phone that gives you what you want. If your priorities are getting information and taking pictures, for example, consider phones that have Internet browsing capability and a camera with high mega pixels or resolution. Read and compare product descriptions of used cell phones to identify your phone.


Buy from a trusted source Used mobile phones usually have no warranties and it is best not to jump at the first cheap telephones that come your way. Buy cell phones from trusted sources such as friends, co-workers, relatives and credible mobile stores, which are unlikely to sell you a defective phone. Avoid defective phones Defective cellular phones can results in you spending much more in repairs than if you bought a brand new phone. Check the mobile phone carefully for defects before making the purchase; including checking whether the battery charges properly and if making phone calls from the device is smooth. If possible, purchase a cellular mobile that is still within its warranty period.

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Why is it important to conduct a mobile phone comparison?

Why is it important to conduct a mobile phone comparison?

When you are shopping for mobile phones, you need to compare the phone technologies and the mobile contracts before you make a decision on which phone to buy. Phone advertisements can deceptively suggest that phones are always connected to networks and that they never have service issues. The truth is that how you use the phone matters as much as what features impress you.
The best new Samsung phones

The best new Samsung phones

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All about: Orange pay as you go tariffs

All about: Orange pay as you go tariffs

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