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Alameda Superior Court: A guide

This brief article gives a summary history of the Alameda Superior Court, also known as the Superior Court of California (County of Alameda). It also gives information about its current working activities and jurisdictions.

A history of the Alameda Superior Court

Origins The original court house was established on 6th June 1853 in Alvarado, California, and moved to its seat in Washington Square, Oakland, California in 1875 which is when the new courthouse was built.
Bad quality of the construction of the building
This building was not constructed to a high, nor acceptable, quality however, and the California Supreme Court Historical Society claim that bailiffs had to hold umbrellas above the judges' heads when the roof started leaking and rain water got in!
The building being a threat to health
By the mid 1920s, the judges themselves were calling the building a "vermin-infested menace to health and records". Later in 1936, a new county center in Lake Merritt replaced the courthouse and county supervisors voted to have it demolished in 1949.

Today's working activities

Aims and objectives of the Court The Alameda County Court's mission statement is: "The Court shall fairly and efficiently resolve disputes arising under the law and shall apply the law consistently, impartially, and independently to protect the rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitutions of California and the United States.
The employees of the Court shall strive for service excellence and through their dedication and professionalism, implement the policies and procedures established by the judiciary and legislature.
The judges and employees are committed to ensuring equal access to court services and enhancing public confidence in the court system." The Court's divisions Today, the Alameda County Courthouse has seven divisions: civil, small claims, family law, probate, criminal, traffic and juvenile.
Information technology techniques Aside from activities conducted in court, they employ many information-technology techniques in order to speed up the processes of conducting certain procedures. The Court's website For example, on the Court's website (, you can pay court fines, find out information about jury service, find information about your court dates and times, pay traffic offence tickets and prepare legal forms.
The website offers different details on the court It is also possible to check out the court opening times, holidays, events, news, locations, employment opportunities, directories, archives, information about pretrial services and even information about waiting room facilities for children. For more information about the court, check out its website:

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