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All about Abbey eBanking

Abbey eBanking, now trading as a subsidiary of Santander (a Spanish back), provides one of the most comprehensive eBanking facilities in the UK. This article provides an overview of the Abbey eBanking offering.

What does Abbey eBanking have to offer?

Abbey e banking, which is now named Santander, provides the following features and benefits with its online banking platform: • Completely renovated online platform with ergonomic design features for ease of use.
• E document reading facility, which makes reading statements and other bank documents easier.
• Only one password, for ease of use. In the case of online secure transactions, a onetime password (OTP) is texted to the account holder.
• Faculty to request loans, bank overdrafts, check credit rating and access mortgages services.
• Faster payments are now possible because this online platform is in the process of rolling out a new British banking network protocol. This results in payments within hours rather than days between contributing banks.
• Quick money transfers provision.
• Facility to order replacement credit card and a new pin number for debit cards.
• Facility to change personal details online.
• View and manage Santander credit card online.
• Secure message service for communicating with the bank.

What do the changes in Santander bank mean for Abbey eBanking?

Upgrading the online platform Alliance and Lester are merging with Santander (formerly Abbey National). So, Santander have fully upgraded their online platform. New customers will automatically move onto the new platform, while old customers will transition to it over time. Benefits of the changes These changes are all beneficial for Santander customers. The changes to the online platform mean that Santander online banking possesses all of the industry leading features and benefits listed above. Online banking tasks This new online banking platform allows the account holder to perform various online banking tasks which previously could only be carried out at a banking outlet, such as making changes to personal details, making changes to the bank account number , also requesting pin numbers and credit cards.
Higher security Furthermore, the merger of Santander with Alliance and Lester, entails a greater level of security while banking. This is the case because the combined resources of these two banks are considerable, which is a decisive factor during today's climate of economic uncertainty. Final word
For anyone considering opening up an online banking facility, or moving their online banking facility, Santander eBanking is certainly worth considering.

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