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All about: Anna Maria island, Florida

Anna Maria Island is in Florida's Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast from Tampa Bay. It has long been a favourite spot for locals to take a day trip to the island's fabulous beaches. This article will provide an overview of this island.

Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island was first inhabited by Caloosan andTimucan Indians, followed by Spanish explorers who claimed it for Spain. In the late 19th century, George Emerson Bean, the first person to homestead on the land, founded what is now known as the the City of Anna Maria.
And, it continued to grow into the tourist haven, it is today. Beaches and districts
Anna Maria island offers miles of white sandy beaches for relaxation and enjoyment. And inland, visitors and day trippers can enjoy the charming business districts for a little shopping and dining. Vacation rentals There are numerous Anna Maria vacation rentals, including some quaint Florida beach rentals for those, who wish to make the island their home-base while visiting this part of the State. It's a perfect island vacation year round.

Land activities

Cycling is the best way to explore the island and if you haven't brought your own, there are places to rent them. Cycling allows you to stop at spots that interest you, go for a swim, view the wild life, have lunch or a cool drink, or simply rest and enjoy the vistas as the waves splash onto the shorelines. Golf and shopping If peddle-power isn't for you, take the trolley car to specific parts of the island.
Enjoy a round of golf at one of the many superb golf courses in the area.
Enjoy shopping for local art and luxury items in the quaint shopping areas. There is a fine assortment of goods for purchasing or just browsing. Museums There are several interesting museums as well. Three of note include the South Florida Museum and Aquarium, the Mote Marine Aquarium and the Ringling Museum of Art.

Water activities

Water-lovers can rent canoes and boats for a little outing on the sea. They can also go para-sailing. There are also deals for deep sea fishing day trips for the fisherman, as well as deep sea diving and snorkelling. However, for those who love the water without participating in those skilled sports, swimming, beach combing and and just laying on the beach are great alternatives. Final note
Anna Maria Island and its neighbouring region offers the visitor a relaxing time in the sun and surf, as well as a huge array of things to do on land. As an island vacation, it offers a quiet respite as well as memorable experiences.

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