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All about: Bedside drawers

A bedside table, night table or night stand is a small table, that's utilised in a bedroom. It’s frequently used for convenient and accessible placement of an alarm clock, small lamp, glasses, or other personal items. It is a functional and wonderful addition to any bedroom, and can be made from various materials

General information

Bedside drawers
Bedside drawers are typically utilised for storing personal belongings, such as toys, jewellery, and books. Access to the drawers As the name implies, they're generally positioned beside your bed to allow for convenient access to the drawers. They also serve as a place to put bedside lamps, and other personal accessories. Equilibrium around the bed
For many home-owners, bedside drawers also serve an ornamental function, as they provide your bed a sense of equilibrium and complement other bedroom furniture pieces. Materials used While traditionally made of wood, bedside drawers now come in a wide array of materials, including cork, metal, and plastic.
Metal bedside drawers
Metal bedside drawers are typically made from steel tubing or aluminium, and are more long-lasting and solid than most wood types. These bedside drawers are frequently favoured by individuals ,who prefer a contemporary look to their bed. Plastic bedside drawers Bedside drawers made of plastic, on the other hand, are great for children's bedrooms, since they're light-weight and pose little danger to kids.

Things to consider when choosing a bedside table

Storage Storage is the primary function of bedside drawers, so it should be one of your major considerations. Many bedside drawers have two to four pull-outs, however the capacity varies depending on the size and depth of each drawer. It is recommended that you over-estimate your storage requirements, to make room for new items that you may be added in the future.
Decor of the room
Bedside drawers are also ornamental, and should complement your bedroom decor. The easy trick is to acquire bedside drawers, that are of the same colour or material as your bed.
Wooden drawer If you are not certain how to match your existing furniture, you can try going for a wooden drawer. Wood complements most colour themes, and can also be easily customised, in case you desire a different design in the future. Measuring the area of the bed
Also, you must measure out the area to the side of your bed, so that you could select the right-sized bedside table, that would not obstruct other furniture pieces in your bedroom.

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